First and Last Love Letter For Cho Kyuhyun

Dear kyuhyun…

Do you read my letter?

Since you didn’t read my letter I can throw up my feeling of you

I’m just one of millions ELF who love you. No, I’m REALLY love you

I’m like an invisible point and I believe you will ignore me very well.

You’re on of SUJU’s member that I love, when you perform with your hyungs or solo performance, my eyes just staring at you, you’re such a fascinating boy that I know.

If you ask “why me?”. I don’t know, I have no reason why I like you, maybe because you and me are little bit like an “otaku”, the differences is you obsess in game , and I obsess in computer programming, am I true? (I read an article which tell that you’re game lover), but I think it’s a ridiculous reason. I just love you. That’s the simple reason

If we meet (impossible) I would say: “Saranghae Oppa” sincerely, you will see soul in my eyes when I say that ^^. I have to believe that I never ever could see you directly to say that I love you, you even never come to my country, so how could I see you and say that words?. If you could come to my country, there are so many ELF will screaming at you and say what I want to say, finally my voice will disappear.

But I think your love like a poison to me, its grab me to the imagination world that I never reach, the fact I’m just a fan and you’re unreachable really hurting me, because I REALLY love you. I don’t know why I being like this, I’m not K-pop lover and I just know SUJU’s music, I even don’t know who am I now. I never adore an idol like this before. You are the first person who did that to me^^. Even GOD will envy coz my feeling to you.

Before this poison spread out all of my body and soul, I want to stop this. I want to be a normal person, come back to my real world and life, and struggle to reach my dream. I have to forget you oppa, that’s the way I can take my real life. Do you mind? I think you don’t, coz there are still million fans that adore and admire you, you just lost me, the invisible point. There are still no different with or without me.

Finally, be health oppa, when you got an accident in 2007, my tears just came out without I know, don’t force your self, life not only just for work right???. And I wait for next SUJU’s album, maybe this year will be hard coz your leader leeteuk will come to military service, but please keep struggle for ELF, even if I have to wait for long long years to see 13 members perform together again, I’ll wait, you know I don’t know other Korean boyband I just know SUJU.

Good bye,…… sayounara…..

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i have nothing to say right now

there are no story i want to tell

i really have’nt idea,

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this is my new blog. i’m a girl who have a lot of dreams that i want to reach, a lot of  things i want to to do, a lot of stories i want to share and a lot of places i want to go. there are so many things in my mind so that i can’t focus and i don’t know what i have to do…

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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